Ville's Portfolio

Editing is the art of finding the core of a story and elaborating on it in any way the material allows. For this reason I decided to not compile a showreel but instead a portfolio. I will present a few examples of my work and explain how they were made in order to illustrate my thinking and style as an editor.



Helena - Short Film

Helena was made as a part of the Rise of Euphoria workshop and screened at the Rakkautta & Anarkiaa 2013 film festival in Helsinki. The filming and editing was completed in four days based on a randomly assigned script.

As an editing project this was interesting in a couple of ways. The story is very minimalistic and straight-forward with all emphasis on bringing out the hopeless longing of the main character. I felt that this would be achieved best if the editing was done in a rather strict way. The repetition of the main character in the real world followed by his memories is done over and over again, and the action in between is shortened with jump cuts. This could easily turn into a monotonous routine, but by keeping the timing and information content in control, it works to bring the story to its climax, and never lets the viewer feel like they've seen enough. In a way this is very simple, but that also makes it a demanding method to execute. As an additional challenge, the editing was done with no reference sounds. All the sounds were made after the editing.


Black Island - Game Video Content

In this project we were creating video content for an adventure game. The project was a process between the game developers and our collective, and in the end I had a collection of roles to fill: I edited it, made the color correction, visual effects and designed the draft for the graphics.

The challenge in this project was to break out from the film storytelling and instead use a continuous montage that creates the atmosphere of the game and gives the right amount of information to the player. The teaser seen here is made in the same style as the game content.


Keke Yrpe - Sketch Series

The method behind Keke was to "just shoot something" for a day based on a character Matti had been building in his mind for some time. The scripting was done on the fly and during shooting there were some themes that were kept in mind as basic guidelines for the story. Originally the idea was to make just one sketch video, but since there were a few themes, it became clear to me during the editing that instead it should be a series that would concentrate on one theme at a time. This ended up in a format where Keke goes through the same day and locations three times but different aspects of the day are shown. The editing and graphics are inspired by shows made for teenagers by old people; trying to be cool but failing.

"Boheemit juuret" was accepted on the short list of Helsinki Short Movie Festival ( in 2014. The rest of the series can be seen in Keke Yrpe's album on Vimeo


Other Skills

While I am first and foremost an editor, I have talent in related roles. These include screenwriting, animation, painting, graphic design and color correction. Basically, I am interested in storytelling and the whole visual side of post-production. As an example of these interests, "Nestori" is an animation series that I sometimes play with when I want to experiment with ideas which are too random to execute professionally. Everything you see and hear is my work except for the script which I had help with.

Prizes and Competitions

  • Short list of Helsinki Short Movie Festival 2014 ( “Keke Yrpen boheemit juuret” 
    My contribution: Screenwriting, editing, acting, graphics, sound design
  • 48-hour Film Competition 2013 finalist ( “Miehet ei tanssi”
    My contribution: Editing
  • 48-hour Film Competition 2012 ( best movie: “Sisäavaruus” 
    My contribution: Screenwriting, editing
  • 48-hour Film Competition 2011 ( best movie:  “Palasokerimies” 
    My contribution: Screenwriting, editing
  • 48-hour Film Competition 2011 ( Warm-up Contest second place: "Urpo"
    My contribution: Screenwriting, editing
  • Short list of Helsinki Short Movie Festival 2011 ( “Kasvitieteellisesti marja” 
    My contribution: Screenwriting, editing, acting, sound design, color correction and effects